Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Not A Paper Cup!

I felt like felting today. The inspiration was my coffee cup. I use it all the time and thought it could use a little flair. It is Not a Paper Cup - It is a Ceramic Coffee Cup with a Silicone Lid, given to me by my friend Leisa. I need to make a few more to perfect the outcome a little better but it was fun. I might embellish it a little tonight. We will see.

While I like to wet felt it seems to take longer than needle felting. I really enjoy needle felting it is great as a take along project and easy to start and stop. Wet felting is messy, wet and not as easy to conrtoll where the felt goes. It did work well for this project so I should not complain to much.

It has been a long time since I have posted. Back to school time of the year seems to be consuming a lot of my time. The hot weather does not help either. It was a little cooler today did not make it to 90°F so that is good. It might make it down to the 60's tonight, that would make me really Happy! I love cooler weather.