Monday, November 24, 2008

Embellish! Embellish! Embellish!

In making the second set of felted balls I want to make them into garland for the tree this year. But then my daughter said she thought they would look nice just strung up individually with a simple ribbon and bow on each. We will see. I tend to leave them in a dish or bowl as I am making them and tend to love them just sitting around, but then again so does my cat...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Swell Noel

I have been waiting for this to come out in stores and not had any luck finding it locally. It is however on the web at a number of independent scrapbook stores. I don't know why Michael's does not have it in there stores yet or if they will. I already have my order in. Many of the items are sold out already and are on back order. You can find it at I do not get a kick back or anything but they have the best selection of this wonderfully designed line. Yes this is another shameless plug for my friend and designer Sheri McCulley Seibold but I do really love every thing that she creates.
Swell Noel Advent Tree- Kit includes die-cut papers to create a 3D, cone-shaped, double-sided (one side Green the other Blue) tree, with fringed ends, and one sheet of 25 clearly yours ornaments to count down the days! Approximately 20" tall.

Atwitter with effervescent snowflakes and brilliant ornamentation, award-winning designer Sheri McCulley Seibold spins retro into metro with her stylish eye for darling details and snappy patterns - perfect for creating a cool yule this holiday season!

Swell Noel Holiday Sleigh & Reindeer- Kit includes all the die-cut papers needed to create a small sleigh and 3 tiny reindeer. Sleigh is approximately 7 1/2" tall. Great for centerpiece or mantel decor. Colors include shades of Teal, Lime, Red , Green.

Die Cut Swell Noel- Pad contains 18 total sheets. 3 each of 6 different die-cut edge designs, all double-sided with linen texture. Patterns include contemporary/retro Christmas icons, stripes, florals and more. Colors include shades of Aqua, Pink, Lime, Red, Chocolate and White.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What a world, what a night, Im in love...

So the song goes. It was a wonderful night. I have heard that some of his tickets go for thousands of dollars and I knew he was good and now I know why people would part with cold hard earned cash in large quantities to see Michael Buble sing in person. There is something so wonderful about music that is timeless. Wish you all could have been there it was such a special treat I hope to see him again, until then I will pull out the old Cd's and enjoy.

He even said you could come up and take photos... The hard part about the night was it was a "work" thing for my husband and he works for a very conservative company. My husband told me I had to be on my best behavior. That is not easy for me. I wanted to get up and dance so bad. Our grandparents were so lucky living in the era where this was the type of music they got to dance to. Love the big band and the Swell music.

Yep that close. How nice was he? Boy he's easy on the eyes too.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Art doll

I really enjoyed making this art doll. She has indicated to me that she is finished and now would like her journey to begin to her new home. I have enjoyed working on her and am excited that she will be my first doll to list on Etsy.

Her shape is organic, I did not use a pattern just followed the detail in the beautiful fabric and she took shape on her own and of course I had to put some element from nature, I love working with things I find that seem to be gifts from mother nature, she can curl vines so nicely. I embellished a silk pod and nestled into the grape vine as if she was caressing it.

I wish you could see the bead colors and how the light hits them it is hard to capture the warmth and depth with a camera. I will list her sometime tomorrow.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

W.I.P. ~ Art Doll

This is the latest doll that is starting to take shape. I think it will be finished tonight but than again it is up to her when she is finished. It seem that they have a mind of their own and what my vision is of the completed doll is never what it ends up being. I love that. I do think that creating art sometimes is beyond our control and that it is a journey all of it's self. There are many mornings when I wake up and think "How did I come up with that?" It seems to happen that way more that not. I tend to work mostly at night. When my people are all home and tucked in...I awake.

Yesterday when I was felting a few more acorns I started to think of Dot and this is what happened. Made me smile.