Sunday, November 16, 2008

What a world, what a night, Im in love...

So the song goes. It was a wonderful night. I have heard that some of his tickets go for thousands of dollars and I knew he was good and now I know why people would part with cold hard earned cash in large quantities to see Michael Buble sing in person. There is something so wonderful about music that is timeless. Wish you all could have been there it was such a special treat I hope to see him again, until then I will pull out the old Cd's and enjoy.

He even said you could come up and take photos... The hard part about the night was it was a "work" thing for my husband and he works for a very conservative company. My husband told me I had to be on my best behavior. That is not easy for me. I wanted to get up and dance so bad. Our grandparents were so lucky living in the era where this was the type of music they got to dance to. Love the big band and the Swell music.

Yep that close. How nice was he? Boy he's easy on the eyes too.

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