Friday, February 1, 2008

Home is where the Art is

I finished my triangle banner finally. Wow! that took longer than I thought it would. I enjoyed every minute of making it except for the 4 times I ripped out the border on the first one I made and the 3 times i re-beaded one of the circles. I wish you could see the colors in person the beads just don't translate well in photos and you can not get the true colors to come through on the computer screen. The colors are a little richer looking and the sheen on the silk is a lovely addition to the feel of the banner, you just cant see that in a photo.

I am waiting to see how all the banners from the Triangle Banner Swap hosted by The Amazing Sara turn out. I have been watching their progress and love all the different triangles being made. I will love to see them all finished and have gotten so much inspiration from seeing all the creativity being shared on the blog.

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Jacky said...

Wow Jill, that is amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing your finished banner...I cant wait to get all my pieces back and string it up now.
Beautiful, beautiful work. LOVE it