Monday, August 11, 2008

Creative Orginzation

I have been trying to get more and more organized over the summer. Today I thought of a way to store my thread so I could see it. I have been using this napkin holder for mail, stamps and my address book.

Today I came up with this using knitting needles to hold thread spools and to store the spools that come on a plastic card as well.

Here you can see the back side of the spool caddy. I made a box to fit into the top so I can put the extra thread there. I did not realise how much thread I had and this is a good way to see it and know what is there.

Also, I still do not have my Mac back but I really needed to post, I was going through blogging withdrawals. I am getting used to the PC but still do not like it!


Sara Lechner said...

this is such a good idea! you are so creative!

mariasangel said...

very clever idea! i wanted to thank you for having the popout player on your blog!! I adore all the music you play on it!! Thanks for introducing me to these great artists!


Cherry Lane Jane said...

not only functional, but totally cool! your so creative!

Jo Hassan said...

Inspired!!!! And I can even see some Kaffe Fassett fabric too... perfect!
** blushes pinkly!!** Eek... I wish my threads looked sooo organised though!!! ;o)

Jacky said...

Fantastic idea... you are so clever and that Kaffe Fassett fabric is just perfect!