Thursday, March 27, 2008

Icicle doll

As I get packages ready to send on their journeys, Crusty our nice kitty has to see if she can play a game of hide and seek. This Icicle doll went on a journey of its own last night. I don't know where, but she ended up in the kitchen and her twig with its message on it was in the dining room. Such a nice kitty. I better get to the post office today before Crusty makes plans for tonight. Such a nice kitty.


Leisa said...

she is so beautiful, crusty wanted her for her own. can you blame her?

Jacky said...

Ooohhhhh.... she is so beautiful Jill. What a beautiful, serene face (do you make these yourself?). Such detail with those delicate eyelashes.
Arent the kitties funny? I know my cat (Phoebe) took a liking to one of my felted pieces I was working on and took it for herself.

Dot said...

I agree with Leisa and Jacky! She is such a beautiful doll I can understand why Crusty took a liking to her!

I remember Jacky telling me about her little Phoebe hiding one of her felted pieces.

Methinks that taking and hiding art is a compliment in the kitty world :)