Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pleasant Surprise...

Today was the day to be outside enjoying the sun and warm weather. It is 85°F. The best place to be today would be the beach but since Paige is still sick and Mr. Hygeine is still gone I went to the 49th Annual Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival camera in hand.

Well there were too many people there to take photos that would be worth looking at but I did snap a photo of the pleasant surprise that was waiting there for me. I had bought a vase from John Herbon around seven years ago. It had been one of my favorite things ever since I got it. These three little vases will be a nice addition to our house, I was happy to see that his style has not changed one bit. Still the great color of green that I love and not too shiny. All in all a good day. Wish Paige could have been there with me, it is always so much fun to have her around at these things.

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