Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Felt like fall...but only at 6 AM

It has been feeling like fall here in Florida but like the title says only at 6 in morning when I take Pearl outside. Then the Florida sun comes and the temp goes up up up. I have taken advantage of the cooler weather it revives me and I start to feel like crafting again. I started to make felted acorns, they are so fun to make and I have a good selection of caps this year. The one in the photo had all 4 caps still connected. I thought that was pretty interesting.

I have several that are double and a few that are triple caps as well. The dark green one in the top right corner is my favorite. I love the little green baby acorn that is attached.

I also made some single acorns and added a little ribbon.

I was not sure about making brown ones but I love them a lot. This is one of the triple acorns, it was fun to find the caps connected like this. Wish I could find more of them but then they would not be as special.

Hope everyone in the mid-west and up north are enjoying the fall, I hear it is a beautiful one this year.


Jacky said...

Love your little felted acorns Jill. They make a lovely display too.

Linda said...

These are just the cutest little things - totally adorable! They make a wonderful autumn display. I think you may have inspired me to have a go!

Dot said...

Your felted acorns are adorable Jill! I love how your art is so earthy and grounded. These are perfect ornaments for Christmas :)