Friday, October 17, 2008

Other projects...

This is the latest project. Not a craft project but a home/activity project. Crafting is a part of my daily life whether it be felting a cup cozy, making curtains, reupholstering chairs or the latest project, this old bike. It is the fall regatta season and I have been working to finish this bike before our daughters first race. With a bike I can be at the start of the race and ride it to see the finish as well. This is the after photo. I did not want to open the post with an ugly photo so I am doing this a a little backwards and putting the finished one first.

Here is the before photo, not taken by me. I thought it would be fun to get an old bike that no one else wanted and put my spin on it. I could have gone out and bought a new Cruiser but that would not have been as fun. I still want to make streamers for the grips but the bike needs to be loaded up tonight so we can get our early start in the morning for our 4am departure. Can't be late for a regatta.

This is what Paige, my daughter thinks the bike is for. This is her cat Hyacinth along for a spin. Yes, that cat really likes to go for bike rides. She also likes to go for walks on a leash like a dog. Oh and I should tell you she also likes car rides and can open doors.

Have a great weekend!


Leisa said...

love the bike, hope it worked out well for you this weekend,

Dot said...

You have done a great job Jill! Love the new color of the bike. And that photo of Hyacinth (love her name) in the basket made me laugh out loud!