Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mojo Found!

Hi every one I am back. I lost my Mojo, and it took me longer to find it than I had hoped. Hope not too many blog friends have been lost, but I am here and this is what I am up to now. I finally after lusting over the Baby Lock embellisher, broke down and made the big purchase. I have been in a haze of fiber dust ever since and today this little bird came about. I am not sure if I will add beads or leave it as is. We will see what the fairies decide over night.

Here is another bird that just flew in. This afternoon is a flutter with felt. I wonder if I will have a flock in my house by tomorrow. I put this little guy up on Etsy. He wants to fly away.

Check back some time tomorrow, a little birdie told me a giveaway is in order for those of you who have stopped in


Leisa said...

These are wonderful, and decidedly your own.
Mojo that dear friend I am so glad you came home to roost!

I feel a whole flock would be just lovely.

Oh I am so glad you are back.

Leisa said...

2nd comment....get these in your shop!
They would make a wonderful M-Day gift for Barb.

Sandy Mastroni said...

You didn't lose me ! I'm glad you're back and I like your little birdies !
Thank you for your comments on being and/or not being 'normal'

Anonymous said...

Your talent seems to have taken flight once again - what a wonderful fun spring addition to bring to the world.

Thanks for finding your Mojo again... and sharing it with us.

They are adorable! I'm impressed :)


Dot said...

Hi Jill
So great to see you back blogging again! Love, love your birdies and your new embellisher sounds like fun.
Thanks for your comment on my latest post. Felters Anonymous - I like the sound of that :)
Welcome back!
Dot xx

Jacky said...

Hi Jill,

Welcome back, I am so glad your mojo has returned...your little felted birds are GORGEOUS!!!

Looks like a few of us have the "felting bug". I am thinking I like the sound of the embellisher. I have my little hand embellisher and now have had my lesson in wet felting...addicted!

Jacky xox