Thursday, May 28, 2009

It Felt like a Sunny Day

It Felt like a Sunny Day... but then it started to rain again here in Florida so felting will have to brighten up the day. This is the latest thing that I am working on. I embellished her a little last night, beads in a swoosh across the blue part and a little green sparkly thread is holding the front and back together. I am thinking about adding more embellishments to her but thought I liked her simple and not too over the top to show the felting and color blending but I do get addicted to beading and such. As always I would love your input, what do you think?


Dolores said...

Heavenly. I don't think the embellishments are over the top at all.

Camilla La Mer-Art Dolls said...

At the beginning of my creations, I often have a moment where I love the simplicity...But, I always believe that the piece will tell me when it is done...For me, that is often at a point of being gloriously over the top! Go for it...

Hugs, Camilla

Sandy Mastroni said...

very sweet
I love the beads
and that little face looks like she will wake up and start singing !
What does Pearl think ?
I'm waiting to see a felted potato
[ and more Pearl and Crusty photos ]
have a great weekend !

Leisa said...

I also would love to see more embellishment, especially around her sunny face.
But, she is also great the way she is.
I love the way you followed the colour sweep with beading on the blue.