Sunday, June 7, 2009

Night sky ~ WIP

This is another little felt sky I am working on. I need to make more faces that will work better with the small scale of these, not so thick and round.

Here is what it looks like without the face. When I finished the circle I embellished some fabric into the felt then added can never add too many beads. I thought your would like to see the work in progress.


Jacky said...

Jill I LOVE this night series that you are doing!!!!! This one with the wings is the colours and that indigo background. Yes, I agree, one can never have enough beads (and they really add something to the felt).

Loving your new pieces!!!

Jacky xox

Leisa said...

this is just "freaky" enough that I love it... I like the disportionalness (is that a word?)of it.
Like it, like it very much.

Dot said...

This reminds me of Sara Lechner's work! Gorgeous Jill ; really gorgeous.
Dot xx

Sandy Mastroni said...

Hi Jill !!!!
I like it !
I love the indigo color
I want to hold it

Kath said...

Hello Jill, I arrived here from Dots Blog. I was enjoying your art, until...I spied PEARL and fell hopelessly in love. That girl has the most adorable face! I am a BIG dog lover, as you will see if you come and visit me. best wishes Kath in England

Janine said...

Again, wonderful!!!