Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The list

This list is just for Leisa and I. We are planning a great week and do not want to forget one thing.

1. Teach Jill to knit socks
2. Watch BBC America
3. Watch French Movies
4. Make a banner
5. Go to:
•Mt. Dora
•St. Augustine
•Winter Park
6. Cook
7. Eat
8. Laugh
9. Blog
10.Coffee, Coffee, Coffee
11.Add a week to her trip
12 Listen to Ray
Leisa added the following:
13. Make stitch markers
14. Bra shopping with Paige
15. Make knitting labels on silk

Pearl added:
16. Pet Dog

Jill added:
17. Watch Mike Rowe : )
Leisa added:
18. Speak only in British accents


Leisa said...

please add the following
13. make stitch markers
14. bra shopping with Paige
15. make knitting labels on silk

Leisa said...

I can't wait

Leisa said...

ooohhh, i like the mike rowe addition to our list. Yum, he is so lickable!
also add: speak only in British accents