Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dotee doll ~ An Original

High pitch squeals only audible by dogs were coming out of my mouth when I opened this unexpected package from the wonderful Dot Christian. Dot I must say is too sweet for words, she sent me this beautiful Russian Nesting doll that I have admired one her site and was envious of her "friend in the U.S." I did not know it was me. Then on her site she also had this beautiful Dotee Doll with vines and beads all around it made with the most lovely fabric I have seen, it looks like a painting more than fabric, I loved it so much and was surprised beyound words that it was also for me.

Dot also included a wonderful stack of fabric for me to play with. I am so surprised that I do not have one of the patterns in my stash of fabric and she include a piece of the fabric that I love. I am so grateful for Dot and her giving spirit. She gives so much more than Dotee dolls, her creativity is a gift that we all can enjoy and be inspired by.

For those of you who are interested in a tutorial on how to make a Dotee Doll and spread the love your self check out Dots free Dotee Doll tutorial. Dot also has her beautiful Amelia doll and Dotee Doll kits at her Etsy Shop, drop in and check it out.

Thank you so much Dot, I will have this smile on my face for days, and the insperation will last much longer that that. I am so lucky. Thanks Dot!


Dot said... are such a sweetheart Jill! I am so pleased you liked the dolls I made for you and the fabrics too.

You are a very special person and it makes me happy to see you happy!

Thanks for your lovely words and for directing people to my blog and etsy shop.


Hoola Tallulah said...

What a lovely inspiring blog you have! Thanks so much for the link, I have reciprocated!
I am super envious of the beautiful art dolls Dot sent you, the russian nesting dolls made me foam at the mouth, how lucky you are to have them!

Belinda said...

oooh my, what a treat!!! yes, words don't describe sweet dotee! love her dolls and i'm so sure they are enjoying their new homes!

Jacky said...

There is nothing like getting a "Dotee package" (and they always seem to come when we need them most).
Your Matroyska and Dotee Doll are too fabulous for words. Lovely to see them in your home too.

Terri said...

Wow!!! You are so lucky. I looked at these on Dot's blog and thought they were great.... isn't she just a lovely person.