Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Yep, it is another post about Pearl. Crafting has taken the back seat to holiday craziness and I still want to post once in awhile. Here is Pearl singing Holiday songs for you all. Our pets seem to love hanging out around the tree. It is very cute.

Pearl is really getting into the holiday mode here sporting her red and green eyes just for the season. No that is not photoshop her eyes really reflect red and green.

On another note I think I will change the title of my blog in the new year and take out Ray since I don't talk much about him on the blog and change it to Pearl.


Dot said...

Hi Jill

Lovely to see a post from you! I laughed out loud at the photo's of Pearl - she has so much character ; and obviously loves your tree.

Sending you much love for the holidays.

Dot xx

Sandy Mastroni said...

who's Ray ?
ha ha
I think you should hang little white potatoes on the tree
.... MORE Christmas photos please