Thursday, December 4, 2008

Now off to the Post Office...

I am almost all done with the Christmas ornament swap that I joined. I will get them off in the post today... I wish I had better lighting for the photos but I think part of the issue is the new filters I just put on my lenses. They are a different brand than I normally get. I needed to replace them since I keep braking them. I am not very easy on my camera. I tend to be rather rough on it.

Hyacinth (aka Crusty) is getting ready for her yearly tree hunt. She loves to attack the tree and make it sway to see how many ornaments she can get off and play with at night while we are asleep. I think she was a little disappointed when all the acorns came off the feather tree. Such a good kitty.

1 comment:

Al said...

I got my ornament yesterday - I love it!! Actually everyone in my house loved it but I was like "nooooo miiine"
Thanks so much!